How to Install & Use Kodi App (Android, iOS and Windows)

Kodi Leia is an app that turns your mobile device into a global Television. It’s like using a whole new library full of entertainment. All you need is an internet connection, and you can stream all your favorite tv shows, movies, and many more by using Kodi Leia easily. This app is available on mobile OS platforms such as Android, iOS and other OS platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Kodi Leia brings everything together. You can stream videos and music through the internet by simply searching for what you want. Even you can listen to various types of podcasts using the app. If you want to watch a TV channel, all you need to do is to install a plugin that helps you to stream the TV channels.

You also can check out the Kodi Leia community forum, where many user experiences are shared. By checking out the forum you can explore many new features and updates. You also can connect with the app developers to give them feedback about the app.

Kodi Leia 19.1 App Updated features

1. Browse all Movies

Kodi can find any movie within seconds. You can search for any movie and stream it online. Also, if you have movies downloaded to your device you can import and browse them.

2. Watch unlimited TV shows

Browse all your favorite TV shows within the app library. You look through seasons and episodes and continue watching within interruption.

3. Listen to favorite Music

Kodi supports various types of audio formats, such as mp3, Wma, and many others. You can find and stream all your favorite music without trouble

4. View Pictures

View all your pictures in a nice slideshow and browse through all of them in different views.

5. Record TV using PVR

You can not only watch TV from Kodi but also record them! With the help of several backend applications such as MediaPortal and MythTV, you can record all your favorite TV moments live.

6. Usage of web interfaces

Kodi has a JSON-RPC based remote interface that lets you extend its capabilities to 3rd party applications or web browsers.

7. Use Add-ons

Kodi is unique in its way because of add-ons. These add-ons are user-created and extend your experience in different ways. You can try these add-ons by downloading them through our repositories.

8. UPnP compatibility

With UPnP, you can connect two devices and keep them synced together. You can sync your mobile with your tablet, so if you are watching a movie from the mobile, you can pause it somewhere and continue watching it from that position using your tab! By UPnP, you can access all your preferences and user data using various devices.

9. Customize the appearance

You can customize the appearance of the app by using the skins. These skins are different from each other, and you can arrange the menus and the appearance of the app the way you want using these skins. Everything from colors, menu structures, and images can be changed using skins. Try it out.

10. Use remote controls

Kodi can work with many remote controls and CEC-compatible TVs. You can easily manage and control all your media using any of these remote controls.

Kodi 18.9 Download Latest Version 2021

The latest build of Kodi Leia 19.1 APK was released in May 2021. By downloading the latest version you can have access to thousands of Movies, TV shows, and music. All you need is the internet you can stream anything, anywhere.

With lots of new add-ons and updates, now you can download Kodi for Android. Previously the android devices should be utilized with sideloading before installing the app, but now it is not necessary for most devices after the latest updates.

Get Kodi for Widows

Why should you get Kodi for windows? Well, of course, you can browse through the internet and find any movie or tv show you want, but sometimes It is not easy as you think. Kodi takes the trouble just to search for things through available video libraries on the internet and to bring what you need within a short time. You just need to type in which song, movie, or tv show you need, and Kodi will find you the link to watch it directly. You do not need to surf through websites to find the right thing to play.

How to watch Kodi on iOS

To Install Kodi for iOS, you need to have a jailbroken iOS device since the app is not in the App store. If you have a jailbroken device, simply download the file and install it.

Kodi supported devices

Kodi is supported by almost all devices since it is compatible with all kinds of OS. It is also an app that you can download for free. All the OS systems supported by Kodi 18.9 APK is given below.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi(RPi)

If you are installing Kodi on Mac or Pc you can simply download the installer package from the website and install it. If you want to install Kodi on an iOS device or on a Device that has RPi you need to follow a couple more steps. After installing Kodi you can sync all your media libraries through multiple devices. This will help you to view any media where ever you go.

Developed by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi stays as an open-source software where anyone can extend its capabilities. So many add-ons that are developed by the users are available to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. How do I use Kodi?

You can use Kodi in many ways. You can install the app and use it directly or download an add-on to use with it.

2. What is Kodi add on?

Kodi add-on is a small piece of script or software that extends the capabilities of Kodi. You can explore and install Kodi add-ons from the official website.

3. What is Kodi used for?

You can watch movies and listen to music, stream tv-series and do many more with Kodi. You can even host your content in Kodi and install add-ons to do more.

Pros and cons of Kodi App


  • Kodi is a multi-platform multitasking app. You can do a lot of things in Kodi than in an ordinary browser or app.
  • Kodi gives you special add ons to customize the app.
  • Kodi is easy to use.


  • You need the internet and a lot of data. Especially if you are streaming high-quality video, you need a stable connection with high bandwidth.

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