How to Share Calendar on Your iPhone & iPad [The Definitive Guide]

Using digital calendars on your iPhone or iPad is much easier than using a written memo pad. There is much more you can do with your calendars than you think. Probably you may know how to use your calendars. But, this article will guide you about all types of calendar sharing methods on the iPhone.

You can easily share your calendar events on your iPhone with Apple users or anyone with an internet connection. Sharing calendars means that you can quickly let others know that what your upcoming plans are.

How do you share your iPhone calendar publicly?

You can make your iCloud calendar public so that shared members can see your calendar events. To do this, do as following on your iPhone.

1. First, you should launch the Calendar app on your home screen.

2. Then you need to tap on the red-colored “Calendar” button at the bottom of your screen.

Share Calendar on Your iPhone- public (1)

3. Now tap on the red i info button next to the iCloud calendars you need to make public.

Share Calendar on Your iPhone- public (2)

4. Then turn “On” the option as “Public Calendar” at the bottom of your current screen.

Share Calendar on Your iPhone- public (4)

5. Now tap on the “Share Link” to share the calendars with the people you need.

Share Calendar on Your iPhone- public (3)

Now the selected calendars are public on Apple’s calendar site.

Create a Public calendar using the web app at

  • To do this, first of all, you have to go to the calendar on Then click on the symbol that looks like “Wi-Fi” (It will appear on the right of the calendar name in the sidebar)
  • Next, click on the “Public Calendar” on the screen.
  • Next, you need to invite people to view your calendars. To do that, next you have to click on “Email Link.”
  • Now type the Email addresses you need to share the calendar into the field. You can add one or more email addresses here to share your calendar.
  • Then you need to click on “Send” to share your calendars to your added Emails.

Those who added to it will immediately receive an invitation Email that includes the calendar’s URL. This will allow, viewing your calendar with anyone including, non-iCloud users. The added email address holders can only view your shared public calendars.

How to share your iPhone calendar with another iPhone

To share your iPhone calendar with another iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Calendar application on your device using the icon on the main screen.
  2. Then you need to tap on the calendar button that appears at the middle bottom of the screen.
  3. Then you have to choose the calendar you are going to share with another iPhone (#2).
  4. To choose the calendar you need to tap the red “i” info button at the right of your calendar. Or else if you need to add a new calendar, Tap on Edit –> Add calendar.
  5. Now you need to choose the people you need to share the calendar. Tap “Add Person”. Then you will see that the message screen is opening as an e-mail message.
  6. Now you need to type the email address of the person you are going to share the calendar.
  7. Then tap on “ Add” on the screen and you will see the list of calendar shared people.
  8. Now you will see the “View and Edit” option where you can grant or remove the calendar editing option to that person.
  9. Make the “Allow Editing” green to allow edit the calendar.
  10. Tap “Edit Calendar” and you will return the previous screen.
  11. Tap on “Done” and after that, you need to tap the “Done” again and now you are all set.

To join the shared calendar from other iPhone

  • You will get a notification that you got an invitation to join the shared Calendar.
  • You will see that there are two options as “Join Calendar” and “Decline”.
  • Now tap on the option “Join” to join the shared calendar.
  • Then tap on “Done” on your screen.

How to share your iPhone calendar with family members within a few easy steps

  1. First of all, you need to enable and set up Family Sharing on your Apple devices.
  2. Then start it by opening the Calendar application from the home screen.
  3. Then you need to create a New event by tapping on the plus sign (+) on the top right corner. If you need to add an existing one tap on it to appear on the family calendar.
  4. Then, press the “Calendar” button displaying on the screen.
  5. Next, tap on the calendar labeled “Family” and fill out your date time like details on the event as usual.

Now everyone who is in the family sharing group will see the events on the family sharing calendar. Everyone will receive notifications when any changes occurred by anyone. So everyone will automatically be updated about the new events shared on the family sharing calendar.

How to share an event on iPhone and iPad

  1. First, launch the Calendar application on your Home Screen
  2. To share an event you need to either create a new event. Or else, you can also tap on an existing event that you are going to share.
  3. Next, you need to tap on the “Edit” button appearing in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Now press on “Invitees” to send the calendar event to them.
  5. Then add all the “Email addresses” of those people with whom do you want to share the event.
  6. After you are done adding the invitees, tap on the “Done” button in the upper right corner.

Follow this to accept those invitations you got!

  • Simply open the calendar application on your screen at first.
  • Now tap on the “Inbox” button, which you can see in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the option you need from the following three
  1. Accept: To accept the received invitation you must tap on this.
  2. Maybe: you can accept it on another day by a tap on this.
  3. Decline: If you are not interested in the calendar and need to decline tap on this option.

How to share your iPhone’s calendar events via Text

  • Launch the calendar appearing on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Tap on the “Calendars” button at the bottom of the displaying screen.
  • Then tap the “i” button next to your preferred calendar to share it through a text.
  • Next, make sure that you have “Turned On” the Public Calendar option.
  • Then tap on the “Share Link” option that appears on your screen to share it with others.
  • On the next screen, you will see the available options you can share the event. You can select Messages to send it as text directly. Or copy it to the clipboard and it will copy the event as a text and you can paste it as a text.
  • Then don’t forget to tap on “Done” to save the changes.
  • Tap “Done” again to return to your calendar view.

Sharing your iPhone calendar events via Whatsapp is easier!

Start by launch the calendar application on your iPhone’s home screen.

  • Tap on the “Calendars” button at the bottom of your current visible screen.
  • Then tap on the red “i” button next to your needed calendars to share through Whatsapp.
  • Next, make sure that you have Turned On the Public Calendar option
  • To share the link with others tap on the “Share Link” button on the screen.
  • Next, you will see the third-party calendar sharing services available on your iPhone.
  • Choose Whatsapp from that list to send your calendar event
  • Make sure to tap on “Done” to save the changes
  • Tap “Done” again to return to your calendar view

Is iCloud calendar sharing not working? Here are the solutions!

As the iCloud lets us sync our schedules on different devices and platforms there are many users for that. If there are any issues with iCloud calendar sharing scroll down further and you will be fixed with at least one option in there.

1. Make sure that you have set it as an iCloud calendar.

To share your calendars on your iPhone it needs to be set as an iCloud calendar. Not like on My iPad, Google/Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, etc. to check it and fix follow the guides below.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Then select the option “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from your settings list.
  • In the calendar section, choose the “Default Calendar” and make sure that it is set to an iCloud calendar.
  • Then add a test event on your iPad to check whether it appears on the calendar on
  • If it appears on iCloud and your iPhone, it is fixed.

2. Try to reset your iCloud account.

  • First, launch the iCloud application on your system.
  • Check whether the syncing of its calendar and contacts are enabled.
  • Click on the “Sign out” button and confirm that your choice is to log out from your account.
  • Once it is done, restart the system and launch the iCloud application to log in to your account again.

3. Check the date and time on the devices.

When you have shared your calendar with multiple devices, always remember to check the date and time. If one device has an outdated date or time it will not be updating the calendar properly.

4. Make sure that you have enough space on iCloud

If your iCloud is running out of space, it will also cause unwanted issues. To get rid of it, check your iCloud storage on your device settings.

If there is enough space, upgrade your iCloud plan or remove unwanted items to save some memory.

5. Check on the apple system status.

If there is an issue with Apple servers, the iCloud calendar will not be working. You can check this by visiting the official System status page of Apple. If the servers are down and Apple is repairing it, you have to fix it later.

Hope you understood all the ways of calendar sharing methods on the iPhone. Try to use them and make your life easier all the time.

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