Samsung Smart TV: FAQs Your Top Questions Answered

It is simple to stream movies and shows on a Samsung smart TV. And newer models have voice control and smart home integration, making it even easier. On the other hand, users have a plethora of frequently asked questions about smart TVs. And that’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions regarding your Samsung smart television. Let’s get straight to it without further ado.

1. How to update apps on the Samsung smart TV?

Automatic updates are enabled by default on the majority of Samsung Smart Devices. The ITV Hub will automatically deliver updates to your device as soon as they become available, as long as your television is on and connected. Allowing automatic updates is strongly recommended to guarantee that you always get the app’s most recent and best version!

If you decide not to activate automatic updates, you may still perform manual updates in the following way for Samsung Smart TVs from 2014 and later.

  • Turn on the television.
  • Investigate the Samsung Smart Hub’s features and functionality.
  • Go to the Apps section of the menu.
  • In the ITV Hub app, press and hold the select button. Then, a sub-menu will show up on the screen.
  • Then, if an update for the ITV Hub is available, choose it from the list under “Update apps.”
  • Select “Update”—this may take a few minutes to complete.

Manually updating the ITV Hub app for Samsung Smart TVs from 2012–2013 is possible.

  • Turn on the television.
  • Study the Samsung Smart Hub.
  • Navigate to the Apps section of the screen.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and choose “More apps.”
  • From the top-center of the screen, select “Apps to update.”
  • Select an ITV Hub update if one is available.
  • Choose “Update”—this may take a few minutes to complete.

2. How to add HBO Max to Samsung Smart TV?

HBO Max is a streaming service that, with a paid membership, provides access to an extensive on-demand library. It provides you with 10,000 hours of original series, movies, and a large library of your favorite programs for the low monthly fee of $14.99. Here’s how to add HBO to your Samsung smart TV:

Installing HBO Max on a Samsung Smart TV is a simple process:

  • Start by turning on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Press the Smart Hub button on your TV’s remote control.
  • After that, go to the Apps section.
  • There is a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner that you may click on.
  • Type and search for the HBO Max app now.
  • Once you find the app, click the “Install” button on the HBO Max main page. This will download the app.
  • The HBO Max application will be downloaded and installed on your television in a few moments.

It’s done. You have completed the installation of HBO Max on your Samsung television.

Detailed step-by-step guide: How to Install HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Activating HBO Max on the Samsung Smart TV:

  • On your Samsung TV, open the HBO Max app.
  • When you click on “Sign In,” you will see an activation code appear on your television screen.
  • Visit using any web browser on a PC or smartphone at this point.
  • Enter the activation code on the activation page that appears.
  • After you’ve entered your information, click Next.
  • Activating the HBO Max app on your Samsung TV will now take effect.

Finally, HBO Max media content is available for streaming.

3. How do you restart the HBO Max app on Samsung TV?

Many factors may contribute to the need to restart the HBO Max application.

  1. One of the reasons is that when the MAX application stops working and displays an update error message, you can’t delete or update it.
  2. When the Max App freezes or buffers.

The issues mentioned above are two of the most commonly encountered causes for the Max application to restart. It is important to understand that merely restarting will not address these issues until they have been resolved.

It would help if you researched how to resolve the issue before restarting the app for the reasons listed above. Restarting the Samsung TV will restart the HBO Max app.

  • Unplug your Samsung TV.
  • Wait 20 seconds. And now, plug your television back in.

Reopen HBO Max and check to see whether the problem has been addressed.

4. How to update Hulu on Samsung smart TV?

Currently, many people use the Hulu app. For example, in the United States, there is no smart TV that does not have the Hulu app pre-installed on it. Here’s how to do so:

You can also program it to automatically check for updates on your Samsung Smart TV so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it yourself. To do this, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • First and foremost, make sure that you are connected to a live internet connection at a faster speed.
  • Second, go to the Samsung TV’s settings.
  • After that, go into the settings and choose the support option.
  • Following that, you will have to choose software updates.
  • Finally, you will need to choose “Auto-update” from the list of options under the software update area.

You will need to follow the procedures outlined below to update the app on your Samsung TV manually.

  • To begin, look for applications on the menu that appears at the bottom of your TV remote
  • Second, go to the support section and select the app update option.
  • Following that, you’ll need to click on the “Update Now” button.

5. How to open the smart hub on Samsung TV?

The Smart Hub on your Smart TV may be accessed by hitting the “Menu/123” button on your remote control to bring up a menu. From there, go to the top left-hand corner of the screen and choose “Menu.” After that, pick “Smart Hub,” “Samsung Account,” and “Sign in.” Fill out the form again using your email address and password, then click on “Sign in.” Following your sign-in, you will be able to choose an image to help distinguish your account from others. After everything has been completed, click “Done.”

6. How do I get Discovery Plus on my Samsung smart TV?

Keep in mind that Discovery+ is only compatible with Samsung televisions manufactured in 2017 or after.

Make sure you sign up for Discovery Plus on the company’s website. Sign up for the free trial by clicking on the given link and then “Start Free Trial” to complete the process. Many steps are involved, including selecting a subscription plan, creating an account, and providing payment information. You may now return to your Samsung TV to finish your work.

  • Navigate to the ‘Apps’ section of your TV’s Home Screen (Smart Hub). Then, type in Discovery Plus in the search field to see whether it is available. To get more information about the app, click on its icon.
  • Select “Add to Home,” which will add the app to your TV when prompted. After a few seconds, the app will begin to download and install on your smart TV
  • Finally, launch Discovery Plus and log in while following the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

All done; congratulations.

7. How to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Your Samsung Smart TV comes pre-installed with a slew of entertaining applications for your viewing pleasure. But if you come across third-party apps that you want to download and install on your Samsung smart TV, you may do so. Third-party applications are those that are created by third-party developers rather than by Samsung.

You may do this with one of the two techniques listed below:

1. On the Samsung Smart TV, turn on the “Unknown Sources” feature

Most of the time, third-party apps are recognized as unknown sources by the operating system of a Smart TV and hence cannot be used. However, it’s possible to switch on the Samsung Smart TV’s Unknown Sources option. This feature enables you to install the applications without being restricted in any way. To do this, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Switch on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • To access the Smart TV’s home screen, press the Menu button on the remote and choose Settings.
  • Navigate to the Personal tab on the Settings screen, and then pick the Security option from the menu.
  • Select the Add-ons tab from the left-hand pane, and then toggle the switch next to Unknown sources to the on position.

Once this is completed, you will be able to download third-party apps from the apps menu on the Samsung Smart TV’s home screen.

2. Turn on the Samsung Smart TV’s Developer Mode

Downloading and customizing a wide range of essential third-party applications on your Smart TV will be possible thanks to this mode. Now, to make it operational, follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Turn on your smart TV once again. And then, go to the Settings menu from the Home Screen, where you will find the Smart Hub option.
  • When you get to the Apps section, you will be prompted to enter a PIN after clicking on the Apps panel. 12345 is the default code for all Samsung Smart TVs and may be used as the PIN in this field.
  • When the Developer Mode setup window displays, choose Developer Mode by flipping the switch from On to Developer Mode
  • Click on OK after entering the IP address of the host PC that you wish to use to connect to the Smart TV.

8. How to connect a Samsung smart TV with an iPhone?

You can connect your iPhone to the Samsung smart TV in the following ways:

1. Connecting an iPhone to a Samsung TV using Airplay

If you have a Samsung TV that supports Airplay 2, you can connect your iPhone to it. This includes TVs from 2018 and later.

  • Check to ensure that both the iPhone and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Check to see whether Airplay is enabled on your iPhone.
  • Open the app you want to stream from.
  • Tap the “Airplay” icon now.

In some applications, like Photos, you must first press the share button before you can proceed.

2. Screen Mirroring Using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter

This is one of the more straightforward solutions. But you will need to purchase or get an Apple-specific adaptor for it to work. The Lightning Digital AV Adapter is available for purchase for around $49.00. And it is compatible with most iOS devices. Since it will be needed to connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV physically, you should have an additional HDMI cable available to use. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your iPhone to the AV adapter.
  • Connect HDMI to the AV adapter. When you look at the adapter, you will see a port where the HDMI cable needs to be plugged in.
  • The other end of the HDMI cable should be connected to the Samsung TV.
  • Set the Samsung TV’s source to the HDMI input to which you attached the HDMI cable. You should now be able to see the screen of your iPhone mirrored on your Samsung TV.

3. Connect with the Samsung SmartView App

If you prefer a wireless alternative for connecting your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV, there are many applications available that may assist you.

Whenever you want to use screen mirroring applications, make sure that both your Smart TV and your iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And please note that the applications will not run if your iPhone and television are connected to separate networks.

The Samsung SmartView app is a free app that you can download to your phone and mirror your smartphone screen onto your smart TV.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Check to ensure that both the iPhone and the television are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Start the Samsung SmartView application. After that, it will ask you to input the code that is shown on your Samsung Smart TV display.
  • After you’ve entered the pin, the device should instantly connect to your television.

So, we have answered all your top Samsung smart TV FAQs. You can enjoy your TV more than ever now.

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