How to Install HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

Even if the TVs are getting out of fashion, smart TVs are still in-game. Most people use smart TVs now. Smart TV is capable of many things, such are browsing youtube and browse plain old internet. With smart TVs, many VOD services (video on demand) such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO max are getting popular. These services allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you like. So today we will hope to discuss how to download HBO max on Samsung smart TV.

What are HBO Max and HBO max app?

HBO max is a VOD subscription service which is owned by AT&T. HBO max provides more than 10,000 hours of content to watch on-demand. This content includes movies, TV series, documentaries, and other types of video content. Some of these contents are HBO originals which are only available on HBO subscription services.

HBO max app is available for Android, iOS and it is available in the Microsoft Store too. With this app, you can browse through content, watch content and do much more things.  HBO Max is available to install for some smart TVs too.

How to download HBO max from smart hub

HBO max app is compatible with some smart TVs. It is compatible with most of the Samsung Smart TVs. You can see a full list of compatible devices from the official website. However, if you own the latest model Samsung TV which is manufactured after the year 2016, the app can be installed on your TV.

Now if you own the latest Samsung TV you can download it from the HBO max app from the Apps section in the smart hub. below is how to do it,

  1. Open smart Hub in Samsung TV, You can open this by pressing the smart hub button on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. From the smart Hub choose Apps
  3. Search for “HBO Max”
  4. Select the top result and click on download to Download the app

Once downloaded open the app and sign in to HBO max account to start using HBO max.

If you cannot access the smart hub, it is because you are not signed in to your Samsung account. You will need to sign in to a Samsung account from your smart tv to use the smart hub. Follow the instructions to sign in to your Samsung account from your Samsung smart TV

  • Press the Settings (Menu ) button on your Samsung TV remote
  • Select the Smart Features Option
  • Select Samsung Account, Now you can log in to your Samsung account if you have an account or you can create Samsung Account by following the steps
  • Press the smart hub button on the TV remote.

How to sign in to HBO max from Samsung smart TV

Now to use HBO max app in your smart TV you need to sign in to your HBO max subscription from your smart TV. This should be done only the first time and after logging in you can use the app without any trouble. follow the steps below to log in to your HBO max account. Make sure that your TV is connected to the internet while you attempt to sign in.

  1. Open the HBO max app on your TV and sign in
  2. Now you will see a 6 character code. Write this code down or get the phone or Laptop while this screen is shown.
  3. Go to this link from your phone or laptop.
  4. Now enter the code in the screen then press next.
  5. Select sign in through TV or mobile provider option
  6. Now select the provider to which you have subscribed HBO max. Provider means the service to which you have activated the subscription.
  7. Enter the login credentials (username and password)
  8. Your TV will update within 60 seconds.

How to Stream HBO max on older Samsung TVs

As we explained before, HBO max is only available for some TV models right now. If your TV is not compatible with HBO max app you can try some of the following solutions.

Try a casting Device: Devices such as Chromecast let you stream content from your phone, tablet, or Laptop to your TV. Here are some steps to get started,

  1. Connect your casting device to the TV
  2. Connect your laptop, phone, or tablet to the TV
  3. Log in to your HBO max account using your phone or laptop.
  4. Start streaming videos on the TV, which are playing on a phone or laptop using a casting device.

Mirror your Phone/laptop screen to the TV: Most of the smart TVs support screen mirroring. So you can log into HBO max account from your laptop or phone and then, mirror the screen to your TV

Using an HDMI cable: HDMI cable can connect your laptop with the TV and the TV can be used as an external display for the laptop. What you have to do is, you can connect the TV and laptop with an HDMI cable then log in to HBO max from the laptop. Then you can see the streaming video on the TV screen.

How to update HBO max on Samsung smart TV

Same as all other apps which we use on our phones and computers, our smart TV apps are also getting updates. We need to update the app whenever there is an update or we may not be able to access the content. So here is how to update HBO max on Samsung smart TV.

1. Open smart hub on Samsung TV. Follow the instructions given above to open it.

2. Select the apps section in the menu.

3. Select settings in the apps section. This will be seen on the top right corner of the screen.

4. Now click on updates, here you will see a list of updates available for all your smart TV apps.

5. Select HBO max from the list and click on update to update the HBO max app.


Updating TV firmware: sometimes your apps may not work properly if you have outdated TV firmware. Follow the steps to update your TV firmware

  1. Press the menu button on the TV
  2. Select settings.
  3. Go to support-> software update.
  4. Click on update now.
  5. Wait until the update completes.
  6. Delete HBO max: If you want to delete HBO max follow the instructions below
  7. Open smart hub
  8. Select HBO max.
  9. Press the ‘tools’ button on the remote and select delete.
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