How to Print Text Messages from Android Device

There is an extremely high importance in printing or documenting text messages to display that they were read, received, or sent at a particular time. This importance comes into consideration in the event of an insurance claim, trial, dispute, or legal matters.

During trials, evidence gained from texts is, at times, considered to be critical and most often looked for during the investigation. The evidence from texts is believed to be useful in contractual or commercial disagreements between 2 businesses, or even between online sellers and consumers.

Significant factors to consider when printing text messages

When printing text messages which are used as evidence, we recommend that this common-sense presentation of messages include the following:

  • A clear record of date and time should display in an unambiguous format, should include the time zone in which the message is created, and whether daylight saving time is affected.
  • If it is available, the display of date and time messages were received and read. However, there are many systems that do not keep this data (see below)
  • Distinct particulars of the recipient(s) and/or sender of the message. You can also include an alias.
  • Displayed in a manner that is difficult to fake, alter, or hack.

Method 1. Print Android SMS by Taking Screenshot

Even though it is difficult and is a bit troublesome to go through all your images, you can take screenshots so that you can print the conversations via your android device. Initially, it is advised to capture the screens of all the text messages which you require on your Android device and use some means and print all the screenshots you have taken. Follow the steps below to print messages by taking screenshots.

Take Screenshots of Messages on Android

    1. Open the SMS app on your Android device.
    2. Open a conversation that you want to print.
    3. Take a screenshot of the message conversation individually.

Save and Print the Pictures

    1. Save each screenshot on your device’s Photos app in a folder.
    2. Use Google Cloud Print to print out the images one by one.

Method 2. Print Android Text Messages by Emailing

If you are able to export your text messages to your computer from your Android device, there will always be a way to print text messages via a computer. If your Android device allows emailing, you could email your messages to your computer, download the file and print it. But to do so, your Messages app should have an email feature. You can also give it a go by following the steps given below.

Email Android Messages to Your Email Account

    1. Open the SMS or messaging app on your Android device.
    2. Find and click the “Backup SMS” option.
    3. Then, choose the required conversations.
    4. Click the “OK” button. It will email the selected conversations to your account.
    5. You might have to enter your email address and password as well.

Download and Print Android Messages

    1. Once the email has been sent successfully, sign in to your email on your PC
    2. Next, open the email and download the attached files.
    3. Once downloaded, open the files with Microsoft Excel and click “File > Print” to print.

Method 3. Print out Android Messages via Mobile Apps

Through the numerous apps on Google Play Store, you can do almost any kind of task. For printing messages via mobile apps, we’ll be looking at “SMS Backup, Print & Restore” However, though this app is free, there is one major drawback. That is, it cannot print long conversations due to the limitation of the screen size.

This is how we can print messages through SMS Share:

  1. Go to Google Play Store app on your Android Device and search for “SMS Backup, Print & Restore”
  2. Download and install the app developed by GilApps.
  3. Once installed, launch the app. All your messages should appear on the app.
  4. Select any message thread. Tap on the “Share SMS” and choose “Email.”
  5. Once you select “Email,” the app will send a copy of the selected text messages to your Gmail account.
  6. Login to your Gmail account, download the files from the email, and print.
  7. If this method is too complicated and wants to get it done more comfortably, move on to the next part.
  8. Click on the little down arrow from your email and click on “Print.” You should connect your printer to your PC before printing.

As the software is free, there is no cost for you to complete this process.

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