Quick Guide on How to Change Zoom Background on Android

Millions of people jumped into the Zoom video chat app to work from home and connect with family, friends, and coworkers through video chat. This app allows changing your video background into a virtual background.

This technique is not available in all devices, and you can find in a few of them, such as Windows, Mac, and others, but how to change the Zoom background on Android? We found an easy hack allowing you to use virtual backgrounds during zoom meetings right from your android device.

Requirements Needed to Change Zoom Background

  1. First, you must install the Zoom app on your Android mobile phone to change the background in a Zoom call.
  2. You need to download the TikTok app (You don’t even need to sign up for it).
  3. Create an account on the Kapwing content creation tool to get the resize tool.

How to change the Zoom background on Android?

Step 1. After signing into Zoom on your Android device, you have to use another application to act as the virtual camera enabling you to integrate it into our Zoom meetings. It’s the Tiktok application.

Step 2. Download the Tiktok application. You don’t need to sign up, as I mentioned earlier because we’ll only be using the interface of the app.

Step 3. Once you installed the Tiktok app, click on the Plus (+) icon shown on the screen. It opens up to Tiktok creator studio where you’d record or upload your videos.

Step 4. Now, click into the effects panel and navigate to this icon here to enable virtual background with an image. Then, you can also use this one down here to allow virtual background with a video.

Step 5. Click on the image icon on the effects panel. Then, you can select an image from your gallery to use as the virtual background with the plus icon. Pick any background, and now you’ve enabled the virtual background effect in the Tikor only using the main interface.

You can see the background you uploaded not fit within the screen appropriately. Then, you’ll need to format your image or video into a vertical layout.

Step 6. A quick way to do this is to switch to Kapwing, which is a content creation tool to make videos and graphics. Click Kapwing to create your account.

Step 7. Once you switch into Kapwing, click on the New Project. At this point, select the Use a Specific Tool, and you will see a variety of useful tools. Click on the resize tool. Now there’s an image or video online that you’d like to use. You can paste the URL, or you can upload an image or video.

Step 8. When your image/video is uploaded, it will be resized according to the device’s resolution and that’ll trim the frame to fit the vertical format. Click on the crop button, which will make the image fill the frame. Select the create button, and Kapwing will process your new graphic. When done, download your file and transfer it into your gallery.

Step 9. To make the background for your Android device, you need to locate the background that you want to use. Go back to Tiktok and upload your new background. Now, the image is properly formatted for the vertical orientation of the screen. We’ve got our virtual background right now.

Step 10. Now log into the Zoom cloud meetings app and launch a new meeting. Inside the meeting, click on the share screen button and select the option for Screen. You will receive a notification that Zoom will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen, which is exactly what you want to do.

Step 11. The screen is sharing as the source of your video on the Zoom call. Next, navigate and open your Tiktok app. Re-select your background if needed. Now you’re using Zoom’s share screen option to share Tiktok’s interface, which allows you to not only use the virtual background options in Tiktok.

Step 12. Finally, your audio will transmit in addition to the shared screen option.

Just do this, and you will see the background that you want to be the new background for your photo. Zoom should not be confusing to you because you can now easily change the background of your picture, whatever the product of you are taking.

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