How To Change Charging Sound On Any Android Phone

Many android users complain about the system sounds in android devices and they also need to change them. By default, android uses a bell-like sound to indicate that the charger is connected. If you have a charger that has a bit of a loose connection this bell sound plays out each time the charger disconnects and connects which is sort of annoying. So today we will discuss how to change the charging sound on Android.

Android is customizable in many ways. Especially if you are a computer programmer and you like to tweak things a little bit here and there, android is the choice for you. With over two billion users android has become the most popular mobile OS platform. Andriod 11 was released on 11th September 2020 but not many devices use Android 11 right now. People love Android because it is good for any kind of customization. Also, it’s fairly easy to develop apps and tools for the Android ecosystem than other mobile ecosystems such as iOS. With these things, intact Android certainly is the dominant choice in the mobile OS platform market.

1. Change the Charging Sound on a Rooted Android Device

Charging sound is a System UI sound in android. This means android does not allow the user to change it upfront. Some other examples of system UI sounds are notification sound, phone on/off sound, low battery sound. If you need to change any of these sounds in your device you need to access the system sound files and change the sound files related to these sounds.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘android rooting’ you should consider more about following these steps. And this might not work for all devices and all android versions. But if you like to try you are welcome to follow these steps. But of course, your device should be a rooted android device to make this work.

How To Change Charging Sound On Any Android Phone

What you will need,

  1. A sound clip, you want to change in OGG format.
  2. A file manager with ROOT access.
  3. A rooted Android device.

If all these mentioned things are in order,

1. Open your root file manager and navigate to the SYSTEM folder.

Change Charging Sound On Any Android Phone (1)

2. Then Go to MEDIA>AUDIO>UI

Android 11 change charging sound

3. The audio files for your system are stored in this folder.

4. Find the system audio file related to the charging, It should be named something as Dock, charging, etc.

Change Charging Sound Android dock

5. Click on that file and edit the file name, so you can replace the original file if you want later.

6. Copy the audio file you want to change to the directory.

7. Rename the audio file into the original audio file name (eg: charging.ogg)

Now you can plug the phone into the charger and check if the charging sound has changed.

Notice that you can change not only the charging sound but also other system sounds on your Android device using this method. You just simply have to replace the sound files with the clips you want. But make sure these sound clips are in OGG format and they are not longer than a couple of seconds.

Now if you do not know anything about rooting and other things mentioned here, please keep reading. Rooting is an entirely different topic which we do not intend to cover in this article but we will give you some insights about rooting and root access.

2. Change the Charging Sound on an Android Phone without Root Access

What is Android rooting?

Android rooting is the process of granting special ‘root access’ to the android user. By this, an android user can access the system files or ‘root files’ of the android system. This gives the user more power over the system and the user has many options to change many things in an android device.

Is it safe to root an Android device?

Rooting an android device is a lengthy process with many steps. If you are rooting your device it should be done properly. Otherwise, it would result in malfunctioning your device and losing your data. If you do not have experience with computer software related to android devices it is recommended to avoid rooting your device.

How to root an Android device?

There are several ways to root android devices and depending on your android device, the rooting steps may vary. The basic steps are to install an android SDK to unlock the bootloader then to get root access from there. You can search on google ‘how to root…” followed by your device name to get a complete guide on how to root your device. Before rooting your device make sure you back up all the data in your device.

What is a root file manager?

A root file manager is a file manager that gives you access to all the system files in Android OS. In a normal file manager, you do not get access to system files. Your device must be rooted first to use a root file manager. But you should use it carefully since if you delete or change any of the system files in the wrong way it would affect your phone directly. You can download many file managers with root access from the play store directly.

How to convert audio clips to Ogg format?

OGG is a format used by many devices to keep their audio files. If you want to convert an mp3 to Ogg just google “OGG to mp3 converter” and you will be able to find out lots of audio converters online.

How to turn off charging sound on Android

If you do not like to root your device, there is one other option for you. You can turn off the charging sound in your android device. If you put your phone to silence, this sound would not play anyway. Some devices give a small vibrate alert when it connects to charging. You can keep that notification alert and turn off the sound for charging from settings. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open Settings and go to sounds
  2. Go to the advanced tab (at the bottom of the screen)
  3. Scroll down to ‘Other sounds‘ Section
  4. Turn off the charging sound.

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