What Do Two Check Marks Mean on Tinder Messages?

Understanding Two Check Marks on Tinder Messages

When you observe two blue check marks on your Tinder message, it signifies that your message has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. However, it’s important to note that this indicator does not guarantee that the recipient has actually read the message.

Merely relying on the presence of two check marks won’t reveal whether your message has been read. To ascertain this, you must enable the “read receipts” feature.

To determine if someone has read your message on Tinder, click on the double-blue checkmark beneath the specific message. Upon doing so, you’ll be prompted to activate read receipts by making a payment.

Discovering if Your Message Has Been Read

To find out if your Tinder message has been read, you need to activate the “Read Receipts” feature. Once activated, this premium feature allows you to see when the recipient read your message and at what time.

Activating Tinder Read Receipts Feature

Activating Tinder Read Receipts is a straightforward process. Click on the two blue check marks associated with the message in question. Tinder will then prompt you to activate the “Read Receipts” feature by purchasing it in packages.

Alternatively, you can activate Tinder Receipts by navigating to Settings on the Tinder app, selecting Read Receipts, opting to Purchase Read Receipts, and enabling the feature.

Cost of Tinder Read Receipts

Tinder Read Receipts are available in packs, each with its associated cost:

1. Checking one message individually: Approximately $0.99
2. 5 Pack of Read Receipts: $3.99 (Costing around $0.80 per checked Tinder message)
3. 10 Pack of Read Receipts: $5.99 (Costing around $0.60 per checked Tinder message)

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