How to Make Stickers on Discord – Quick Guide

Plain text has become stale on social media platforms, including the most popular ones like WhatsApp and Telegram. When it comes to the newest craze, stickers, Discord can’t afford to fall behind. In light of the above, Discord is preparing the debut of several colorful, lively stickers. And that’s why we present you with this most comprehensive guide on how to make stickers on Discord.

Making your own stickers on Discord is entertaining, and it allows you to put your imagination to the test. Let the festivities begin!

What exactly are Discord Stickers?

Before we get into how to make stickers on Discord, let’s have a look at what Discord stickers are exactly. Discord, a popular chat application, has introduced sticker support to its platform. Animated and static Discord Stickers are the two types of stickers. Please keep in mind that we are not referring to the Discord emojis in this context. Servers must have at least two server boosts to add or use stickers. At the beginning of the game, there are only 15 sticker slots available. And the second and third levels offer 30 and 60 sticker slots, respectively.

Custom stickers on a Discord server may only be added or removed by users who have the “Manage emojis and stickers” ability. Even if you don’t have a Discord Nitro membership, you can use stickers on boosted servers, which is something to keep in mind.

Why use Discord stickers? 

There are times when texting may be monotonous and when it doesn’t convey exactly what we’re feeling. The use of a sticker lends a unique flavor to the dialogue. For example, when it comes to real-life communication, you may convey sass and confidence with a gesture or tone. If you’re looking for messengers, a domineering cat with sunglasses will do the job for you. Stickers let people communicate more personally. As a visual aid, images allow you to understand better and express your emotions. A picture should be sent to convey a complicated mood or an ambiguous emotion when words are insufficient.

Stickers are a great way to show your personality. By encapsulating your feelings in a sticker, you may develop your own distinctive communication style. Pictures help make stories about your vacation or a funny thing that happened on the way home more exciting and personal by making them more unique.

How to make custom stickers on Discord: step-by-step instructions

Making stickers on Discord is not complicated, but there are a few factors you must remember:

  • APNG and Lottie are two of the most commonly used animated file formats (Partnered and Verified servers).
  • PNG is the static file format.
  • The maximum file size is 512 kilobytes.
  • 320px 320px Dimensions
  • The background is transparent (optional).
  • Sticker suggestions should have Unicode Emoji that match.
  • Users of screen readers will benefit from the inclusion of descriptive text.

As a result of the stringent standards for Discord stickers, we suggest that you get your stickers made at the Kapwing Studio. Follow the steps given below:

1. Custom Discord stickers may begin with the precise dimensions and file type necessary using the 320×320 transparent Discord sticker template. You can start with an image you already have, either on your device or online. You can also start from scratch and start with a blank canvas.

2. Now is the time to make any necessary edits. With Kapwing’s image search and stock photo plugins, you can add text with a custom font, color, outline, style, and drop shadow. You can also erase a picture to delete any section, crop, resize, rotate your image, and apply visual filters to any image. Once you’ve completed designing your sticker, choose Export and Download to save it directly to your files. And this is where it will very probably fit below the 500KB limitation.

3. Open Discord in either your browser or the Discord desktop app. At the moment, you can’t add stickers with the Discord mobile app. And this means that you’ll need to open Discord in the browser. Add emojis to your server settings by going to a Level 1 server that allows emojis. Stickers may be found right below Emoji in this section, and you can upload a sticker from here.

4. The file you downloaded from Kapwing may be found by selecting Browse and navigating to it. It will be necessary to provide a name for your sticker on this page and choose an emoji with which it will be related. So, it may be found by people searching for stickers to use. To make your sticker more accessible to those who use screen readers, you may optionally provide a written explanation for it.

5. It’s essential to ensure that everything looks right, especially the file you chose because this can’t be changed after making your sticker. Your sticker is now available for usage by any member of the Discord server when you click the Upload button!

Wrapping up

You may now make and send stickers within Discord using the outlined steps. The Discord team has made about 300 unique stickers for the Nitro subscription that can be used anywhere in the Discord app. If you don’t want to make your own custom-designed stickers, the Nitro subscription gives you access to these stickers. By joining different Discord servers that allow you to use their stickers, your sticker library will grow with each new sticker you find and like.

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