How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging service today. It has become popular due to its simple yet important features, easy-to-use interface, and fast registration. More than one billion mobile users use WhatsApp all around the world. Today we will discuss how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

What is being blocked on WhatsApp?

Like in any other app being blocked by a contact on WhatsApp means that contact stops all sorts of communication with you through WhatsApp. The messages you send to that contact will not be delivered and you will not be able to see any other information about him/her on WhatsApp. After being blocked from WhatsApp you can still communicate with them through other communication channels such as SMS, Messenger, or even plain old phone calls. But through WhatsApp, you will not be able to communicate with them in any way.

Signs that you are being blocked on WhatsApp by someone.

When you are being blocked by someone from WhatsApp, WhatsApp will not send you any notification or message informing you that you are being blocked by one of your contacts. So you will need to check it out yourself and confirm it. So first let’s see some noticeable things which you should look further to see if you are being blocked by someone.

Check your “viewed by” list in your stories.

When a story is uploaded to WhatsApp, it is shown to people who have each other’s contacts on their phones. This means if you have your friends’ contact and, your friend has your contact, You both can see each other’s stories. Even though there are ways to limit the audience of a story, check the list of people who have viewed your story. If someone used to view your story frequently and now if they are missing from the list, you should look further to see if you are being blocked.

Check your friends’ stories

When you go to the stories panel in WhatsApp you can see all the stories uploaded by your friends. If you used to see someone’s story and now you notice that you don’t see their stories anymore, it could be a sign that you are blocked by them.

Now if you notice these two things it’s time to do a bit of digging to see what’s going on.

How to check if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

Now if you suspect someone has blocked you from WhatsApp, you will need to check it. If you suspect that you are being blocked by some contact, you need to check for the following signs first. Go to your WhatsApp contact list and click on the contact you need to check to open the chatbox.

1.Check for the profile picture

Search the contact which you want to check and see their profile picture. If you cannot see any profile picture that’s the first sign that you might have been blocked by that contact.

2.Check for last seen of the contact

Now if you cannot see the profile picture, open the chatbox and see if you can see the “last seen” of the contact. This is shown under the contact name in the chatbox. If you cannot see the last seen that’s another sign that you are being blocked by the contact.

3.Check for the status of the contact

Once you open the chatbox of the contact, you can go to their details page by clicking on the name of the contact on the top. Once the contact details page is opened, scroll down to the section ‘About and phone number’. Here you should see their WhatsApp status if you don’t see any status now that’s the final sign that you are being blocked by the contact.

How to confirm if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

After following the previous steps, you can conclude that you are being blocked by the contact. By still this is not 100% assured so do the following things to make sure that you are being blocked by the contact.

Send a message

you can send a message to them and see if it gets delivered. A WhatsApp message getting delivered means that when you send a message two ticks should appear. These two ticks will mostly appear when the receiver receives the message which means if the receiver is not connected to the internet, the two ticks will not appear. So you have to send a message and give some time (about 24 hours) to see if it appears. If it does not appear it means you are being blocked by the contact.

Take a call

Take a voice or video call to the contact. If the call is not placed and disconnected with the message “Unavailable” you can conclude that you have been blocked by the contact.

How to get unblocked in WhatsApp

If someone blocks you there is no way that you can unblock yourself from your end. The person who blocked you should do it from their WhatsApp account. So the only way is to contact the person from another method and ask them to unblock you.


I cannot see the profile pic of the contact, but I can see their status, Am I being blocked by that person?

No, you are not being blocked by that person. You are not seeing their profile pic because either that person has not saved your contact in their phone, or that person has simply removed the profile pic.

I cannot see the “last seen “of a contact?

“Last seen” can be turned on and off by the user. And you can restrict it to show to only for the saved contacts. So, it means you are not being blocked by the contact.

When I search for the contact, I get the contact with an “invite” button in Infront of the name of the contact

This is because that contact has deactivated their WhatsApp account. If they activate their WhatsApp account again you will be able to see their account.

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