What Does it Mean When iPhone Keeps Saying Call Failed

Mobile phones were initially conceived for making and receiving calls. Unfortunately, iPhone users sometimes encounter the frustrating “Call Failed” error when attempting to place a call. If you’ve wondered why your iPhone is hindering your ability to make calls, there are several potential reasons. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address each issue and guide you on resolving the “Call Failed” problem. Let’s dive in:

1. Restart Your iPhone

If repeated attempts to call a number result in the persistent “Call Failed” error, kickstart the troubleshooting process by restarting your iPhone.

2. Dial a Secret Code

Enabling the “Hide Caller ID” feature on your iPhone might lead to call failures for some users. If this feature is accidentally activated, you can disable it by dialing a secret code: *#31#.

– Open the Phone app.
– Type *#31# and press the Call button. Confirm the message that appears. Now, try making a call.

Tip: You can also manage the “Show Caller ID” feature in Settings > Phone > Show my Caller ID.

3. Check Your Phone Plan

Ensure that your iPhone has an active plan. The “Call Failed” error may occur if you have not paid your postpaid bill or if you’re a prepaid customer, check for sufficient balance and validity.

4. Change Your Location

Poor network signal in your current area might cause call failures. Move to a different location and attempt to make the call again.

5. Check Airplane Mode

Ensure that Airplane mode is turned off, as it disables all cellular services. If enabled, you won’t be able to make calls. Toggling Airplane mode on and off can also help troubleshoot network issues.

– Open Settings, disable Airplane Mode if it’s on. If it’s off, turn it on for a few seconds, then turn it off.

Tip: Learn how to troubleshoot iPhone Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

6. Use the Right Network Operator

Review your iPhone’s Network Selection setting. Manually choosing the wrong network can lead to call failures. Opt for the “Automatic” selection to let your phone choose the right network.

– Go to Settings > Mobile Data (Cellular Data) > Network Selection.
– Enable the toggle next to Automatic.

7. Use the Right Network Mode

Ensure you’ve selected the correct network mode. If 2G is unsupported in your area, selecting it will lead to call failures.

– Go to Settings > Mobile Data (Cellular Data) > Mobile Data Options.
– Tap on Voice & Data and try each mode to find the working one.

Tip: Always use the latest network mode and learn how to address LTE issues on your iPhone.

8. Re-Insert SIM

If the “Call Failed” error persists, try re-inserting the SIM card. Remove it, blow away any dust, and then re-insert it.

9. Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling

Disabling the Wi-Fi calling feature on your iPhone has resolved the “Call Failed” issue for many users.

– Go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile Data > Wi-Fi Calling and disable the toggle.

By following these steps, you can address the “Call Failed” error on your iPhone and enjoy uninterrupted calling.

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