How to quickly block a number on iPhone

This article provides comprehensive guidance on how to block unwanted calls on an iPhone, offering five different methods. It starts by explaining the consequences of blocking a number on an iPhone, such as preventing spammers from contacting you through various means. The five methods include using the Silence Unknown Callers setting, blocking a number in the Phone app, using the FaceTime app, blocking through the Messages app, and utilizing third-party apps for call blocking.

Understanding the Blocking Process:

Blocking a number on an iPhone ensures that spammers cannot reach you via calls, texts, or FaceTime. Although blocked callers can leave voicemails, you won’t receive notifications for them, and any messages sent will not be delivered.

Five Methods to Block a Number on iPhone:

  1. Silence Unknown Callers: Enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” setting in Settings → Phone to mute calls from unknown numbers. This feature allows calls only from saved contacts.
  2. Phone App: Open the Phone app, navigate to the Recents tab, tap the info icon next to the caller, scroll down, and select “Block this Caller.”
  3. FaceTime App: Similarly, in the FaceTime app, tap the info icon next to the caller, scroll down, and choose “Block this Caller.”
  4. Messages App: Within the Messages app, open the conversation with the unwanted contact, tap their name or number, select the info button, and then tap “Block this Caller.”
  5. Third-Party Apps: Consider using call-blocking apps like Robokiller or Truecaller, which offer advanced features to prevent unwanted calls and texts.

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone:

If a caller is mistakenly blocked, users can easily unblock them by accessing the Settings app, selecting the relevant option (Phone, FaceTime, or Messages), choosing “Blocked Contacts,” and swiping left on the contact to unblock.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Control Over Communication: Blocking a number on your iPhone gives you control over who can contact you, protecting you from spammers, telemarketers, and other unwanted callers.
  2. Multiple Blocking Options: iPhone users have various methods to block numbers, including settings within the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps, as well as utilizing third-party call-blocking apps for added convenience.
  3. Proactive Measures: Take proactive steps to block unwanted callers by manually adding numbers to the blocked list or enabling the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature to filter out calls from unknown numbers.
  4. Reporting Unwanted Calls: For persistent unwanted calls, consider reporting the number to the National Do Not Call Registry to discourage further unwanted communication and potential penalties for violators.
  5. Easy Unblock Process: If you accidentally block a desired contact, iPhone settings allow for easy unblocking, ensuring you can reinstate communication when needed.


Don’t let unwanted calls disrupt your peace. By utilizing the methods outlined above, iPhone users can effectively block and manage unwanted communications, ensuring a more pleasant experience with their devices.

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