How to change iPhone default notification sound in iOS 17.0.3

In iOS 17, Apple made a noticeable adjustment by switching the default notification sound on the iPhone from Tri-tone to Rebound. However, this alteration didn’t sit well with many users, as they found the Rebound sound too subtle, and some preferred the traditional Tri-tone alert. Compounding the initial discontent was the absence of an official method to revert to the previous tone.

Fortunately, Apple addressed this issue with the release of iOS 17.0.3, allowing users to customize their iPhone’s default notification sound. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
2. Navigate to Sound & Haptics and select Default Alerts.
3. From the list of built-in sounds under Alert Tones, choose your preferred tone. (Initially, Rebound might have a checkmark by default.)
4. Optionally, you can explore additional alert tones in the Tone Store or opt for no sound by selecting None.
5. Modify the haptic feedback by tapping Haptics. You can also create a personalized vibration pattern by choosing Create New Vibration.

Once you’ve made these changes, the selected default alert tone will be applied to all notifications using that tone, including those from third-party apps like Facebook and Instagram.

It’s important to note that this customization won’t impact apps that have their own alert sounds. For example, the Messages app uses a separate alert tone, which can be modified by going to Sound & Haptics and selecting Text Tone.

For those looking to revert to the previous iPhone default notification sound:

1. Go to Sound & Haptics in the Settings app.
2. Select Default Alerts.
3. Switch from the current default (Rebound) back to Tri-tone.

That’s it! Following these simple steps allows you to easily change or restore the default notification sound on your iPhone. If you were among those dissatisfied with the new default tone introduced in iOS 17, the 17.0.3 update offers the flexibility to return to the old default tone or choose a different one that suits your preference.

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