How to Get Wordle on Any iPhone | Everything You Need to Know

“How to get Wordle on iPhone” is a trending topic among iPhone users these days. And this is because Wordle has managed to win the hearts of thousands just days after being released. Created by Josh Wardle, it is a simple word game that you can easily find on the web. But as seen by the flood of Wordle clones that appeared on the App Store before being removed by Apple, there seems to be a market for an app version.

This post will explain how you can get the real version of Wordle on your iPhone. It’s time to enjoy Wordle!

What exactly is Wordle?

Wordle is a daily word game that is entertaining, easy, and, like a crossword puzzle, you can only play the game once every day. A new word of the day is introduced every 24 hours, and it is your job to find out what it is. The website itself does an outstanding job when it comes to outlining the rules. A random five-letter word is picked for each player, and they have six attempts to predict it using Wordle.

You can enter a total of six words, five of which are burner words with letter placement clues. And there’s just one chance for you to put those hints into action. Alternatively, you may strive for perfection by correctly guessing the word of the day in three, two, or even one attempt. It’s simple, but it’s also very interesting.

How to Get Wordle on Your iPhone

You don’t need much technical knowledge to set up Wordle on your iPhone. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to
  2. Tap the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward, the “Share” button.
  3. Look for the option “Add to Home Screen” on the Share screen and tap it.
  4. You may rename Wordle on the next screen if you so choose.
  5. The Wordle icon will show on your iPhone home screen as you simply click Add.
  6. Next, tap the green “W” icon on your home screen to launch the game.

What is the best way to win Wordle? Bonus Tips

When it comes to playing Wordle, players use a variety of methods. The most prominent cases are those beginning with a word containing a large number of vowels and those beginning with a word with a large number of widely used consonants.

It’s not uncommon for some users to begin each puzzle with the same word. “Arise” is a popular word for starting Wordle since it has three vowels and two consonants, making it a suitable choice for swiftly confirming or ruling out.

Remember that the word of the day might have the same letter in it twice. For example, “press” may be the word. If you want a trophy, the only thing you’ll get is the satisfaction of knowing how well you performed and being able to share the results with your social media following.

Beware of Wordle Copycats!

As of right now, if you search for “Wordle” on the App Store, there are more than a dozen other games that look very similar to Wordle. Surprisingly, many of them don’t even change the game’s name. As a result of multiple developers attempting to monetize the success of the word-guessing app Wordle, Apple has removed several clone versions from its App Store.

Almost all of these clone games resemble Josh Wardle’s private and free versions. When something is organic and popular on the internet, people will always want to benefit from it. So-called “cloning” is very common in the world of mobile games, where there’s little to no recourse for the people who make them.

Most of the time, cloned apps are made by people who aren’t well-known. They can quickly turn new and popular ideas in game design into quick, functional apps. Existing applications may be reworked, and developers may change their names in some scenarios. Then they can put some advertisements on it or charge a tiny fee, such as $1.99, and they’ll earn some money.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you are one of those who has been looking for the answer to the question “how to get Wordle on the iPhone,” you now know where to look. Wordle is a joy to play but beware of copycats that try to replicate it. Visiting the official website provided in this article is the best thing you can do to prevent becoming a victim of copycats. Take pleasure in playing the game!

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