How to Fix PS4 DNS Error | The All-Inclusive Guide

It turns out that many people try to fix this error code on their PS4 without knowing what it is. As a result, they end up with a new error code. This is why we recommend that you gather some data first before making any changes to your PS4. This article may assist you in your learning process if you follow the instructions carefully. How to Fix the DNS Error on PS4? If you follow these steps, you should be able to fix the NW-31253-4 error code.

Keep an eye on your internet connection and make sure it works on other devices. There should also be good WiFi and a good Ethernet cable. PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 appears on the screen if your internet connection is interrupted and you cannot use PlayStation services.

What does the PS4 error code NW-31253-4 mean?

Among the irritating DNS problems, you might encounter on your PlayStation 4 is NW-31253-4. A failing DNS server is the most common cause. But it may also appear when there is a problem with your home network internet connection. Or it can also occur when there is an ongoing server problem. This error code indicates that your PlayStation 4 console’s internet connection is not working properly. As a result, you won’t be able to access the PlayStation Network or participate in online multiplayer games.

The most frequently encountered PS4 DNS error codes

1. PS4 DNS error: NW-31251-2

This indicates a similar network problem, but one that is not caused by your DNS settings. If you see this error, it signifies that you cannot connect to WiFi on your device. To resolve the issue, just proceed to Settings > Network > Set Up Connection and enter the right network specifications in the appropriate fields.

2. PS4 DNS error: CE-33986-9

This implies that there is an issue with the internet connection. You may check your internet connection by going to Settings > Network and doing a test.

3. PS4 DNS error: NW-33986-9

An incorrect DNS server configuration is the cause of this problem. Changing the DNS settings to the Google DNS server, OpenDNS, or any other DNS server may be done by hand if you choose.

How to fix PS4 DNS errors: easy methods

Method 1: Run the Online Support Troubleshooter

As the very first step, you may want to consider utilizing the Sony Online Support Troubleshooter. Using this Fix and Connect tool is common to fix PlayStation 4 difficulties.

For more information, you may visit the official website and follow the on-screen steps to resolve the DNS problem on your PlayStation 4. Unlike the PS4 DNS problem NW-31253-4, this online troubleshooter gives solutions for various other issues.

Method 2: Modify your DNS configurations

To break many strict limits on your IP address, you can change your DNS settings and get PlayStation services. This strategy has been used by many people and is effective in various situations. Such difficulties include LoL RADS errors, League of Legends high ping, and other challenges. To resolve the PS4 DNS issue nw 31253-4 and get access to the PlayStation service, you must first change the default DNS server to one of the free DNS servers. The following is the procedure to follow:

  • Navigate to the Settings icon on the PS4 Home Menu and click the X button on the console.
  • Set up an internet connection by clicking on the Network option in the Settings menu.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to provide a method of connecting to the network. You’ll be able to choose between WiFi and a LAN cable here, depending on the kind of network you want to connect to. We’ll walk you through the process of using WiFi and LAN cords, respectively.

If you’re connecting using a LAN connection

  • Select Use a LAN cable. And next, choose the “Custom” button.
  • To prevent a DHCP hostname from being assigned an IP address, set the IP address settings to “automatic.”
  • Change the DNS configuration to Manual. Once you’ve done that, set the primary DNS server to and the secondary DNS server to 88.4.4 or 88.8.8.
  • Select Automatic in the MTU Settings and Don’t Use in the Proxy Server by clicking Next to urge the MTU settings.
  • To examine the results of the error fixing, click on “Test Internet Connection.”

If You’re Using a Wireless Network

  • Make sure that you choose WiFi and then click the Custom option.
  • To establish an internet connection, choose your WiFi network and input the provided password.
  • When configuring IP address settings, choose Automatic, and when configuring DNS settings, select Manual.
  • Select the option “Hostname change.”

Method 3: Disable the firewall

It’s likely that the error message “PS4: A DNS error has occurred” is also caused by your firewall. Contact the network administrator to get help with a private network, such as in a school or workplace. You should set up your home network’s router or standalone firewall if you are connected to the Internet via your home network. Alternatively, you may connect your PS4 straight to the modem.

Call your internet service provider (ISP) if you’ve signed up for a security policy, such as parental control or a bandwidth limitation, and ask them how to deactivate it.

Method 4: Reset Your PlayStation 4

The connection between your PS4 and the router will be refreshed if you hard reset your console. The fact that all of the settings will be reset implies that the DNS problem on the PS4 should be resolved. We suggest that you make a backup of all of your crucial data before resetting your PlayStation 4.

  • Shut down your PlayStation 4 entirely and unplug the power line from the device’s rear end.
  • Disconnect all of your PS4’s accessories. And these include the modem, router, controller, and any other external devices connected to the console.
  • Reconnect everything to the PS4 and ensure there is no damage when connecting again after waiting at least two minutes.
  • Connect the power cord to your PS4 console again and turn it on.

Wrapping up

When your system informs you that you cannot use the DNS server because of the PS4 system fault, follow the steps outlined above. With the accessible DNS servers, you should be able to access all PlayStation online services without experiencing any difficulties. If the solutions suggested do not fix the issues you are experiencing and the PDANET PS4DNS problem while connecting using your mobile phone, you may need to contact customer service. Visit the PlayStation support website and follow the on-screen directions to get help.

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