How to Create a Poll in Zoom | Everything You Need to Know

It’s good to know how to make a pool in Zoom because polls are a good way to get feedback from people who attend your Zoom meetings. As you may be aware, Zoom is one of the most widely used services for conducting online meetings and chats. According to Google and other user reviews, it is also one of the most highly rated services available. Using Zoom, you can create polls with many choices or single answers and even observe the results in real-time. By following the instructions given in this complete guide, you will learn how to create polls for Zoom meetings.

It’s important to note that there are a handful of conditions before we can begin creating polls for Zoom sessions. For example, we advise that you only use your PMI for personal meetings, such as those with friends or family members, for security concerns.

Who can create a poll in Zoom?

It is possible to create a poll in Zoom. However, there are certain restrictions. Because of user safety and privacy concerns, Zoom has implemented these measures. You may create a poll in Zoom if you:

  • Begin the meeting using VU Collaborate.
  • Start the meeting by going to the Zoom website and clicking on “Schedule a meeting.”
  • Are the one who’s hosting.
  • Did schedule the Zoom meeting.

And you cannot create a poll if you are:

  • Not the one who’s hosting.
  • Begin the session by using the Zoom application.
  • Start the meeting by going to the Zoom website and clicking on “Host a meeting.”
  • A co-host or an alternative.

How to create a poll in Zoom: step-by-step procedure

If you meet the prerequisites outlined above, the following procedure may be used to create a poll in Zoom:

Before creating a poll, you must first activate the polling feature in your account. And here’s how to do it:

  • Sign in to Zoom using your web browser and then click “Account Settings” from the “Admin” group on the left-hand side, which is under “Account Management.”
  • As of now, you’re on the “Meeting” tab.
  • The “Polling” option will be about halfway down the page if you scroll down far enough. To activate polling, move the slider to the right.

Now that polling has been enabled, it’s time to create your poll.

  • In the left-hand pane of the Zoom web portal, click on the “Meetings” tab to start a meeting.
  • You may either arrange a new Zoom meeting or choose an existing one from your meeting scheduler in this window.
  • You’ll find a box with text indicating that you haven’t made a poll at the bottom of the page if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. “Add” should be selected.
  • The “Add a Poll” box will display on the screen after a moment. It is necessary to give your poll a name and choose whether or not the answers will be anonymous. When you look at the results, you’ll just notice that a “guest” answered the question rather than the real individual who submitted it.
  • Following that, enter your question (within 255 characters) and choose whether you want a single or multiple-choice answer. And then input the alternative answers available. Each question may have a maximum of ten possible answers.
  • Adding more questions to the poll is as simple as choosing “Add A Question” at the bottom of the window and following the steps outlined above. Then click on “Save” after you’re done.

As soon as you’ve completed your poll, you may share it with everyone participating in the Zoom meeting.

Zoom has several limitations when it comes to polling

Knowing the limitations of a poll in Zoom will help you organize your poll more effectively now that you know how to create one.

  • For a single meeting, you may create a total of 50 polls, with each poll containing a maximum of 10 questions each.
  • Polls may only be edited or added by the original meeting host. A user who has been assigned the host or co-host role will only be allowed to start polls that have already been established if the role is transferred to that user. When configuring the alternative host, the host must enable the option to allow alternative hosts to add or amend polls.
  • Poll results will only show the most recent poll run results if they are relaunched during a meeting. Create a second poll with the identical questions as the first if you know you will need to run the same poll again and want both data sets. This will save you from having to start the poll twice.

Wrapping Up

It is quite useful for college and educational reasons to use Zoom’s polling features. The function may also be used in the workplace or for commercial purposes. The process of creating a poll in Zoom is rather straightforward, although it does have some limitations. It’s also important to remember that Zoom needs a minimum of 1.5 Mbps internet connectivity to allow you to conduct group calls and engage in the majority of other activities.

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