How to Add Vaccine Card to Apple Wallet

Congratulations, you’ve had your shots. All that is left is to prove it. You’ll have to provide evidence of immunization against COVID-19 in order to enter more businesses, workplaces, and events. So, how to add a vaccine card to Apple Wallet these days? That’s probably the burning question on your mind.

Thanks to a recent software update from Apple, you can now retrieve your COVID-19 vaccination card on your phone. Verifiable COVID vaccination information is now available in the Wallet app of Apple’s iOS 15.1 operating system. And this makes it simpler to provide vaccination evidence than to carry a physical card.

How to Add Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card to Your Apple Wallet

In order to upload your vaccination records to your digital wallet, follow these instructions:

1. To begin, open your digital proof of vaccination on your iPhone, whether it is stored in a pharmacy app or another third-party app supplied by your state or country.

2. Click the “Add to Apple Wallet” icon. The absence of this icon indicates that your digital vaccination-proof supplier may not be offering assistance when you see this article. You may also look for an “Add to Apple Wallet” prompt by clicking the share, plus, or ellipsis icon.

3. From the options window, click “Add.” Occasionally, you may be diverted to the Apple Wallet app.

4. Now you can open your Apple Wallet to view your COVID-19 vaccination card. It should show up as the first pass option beneath your payment options. Apple Wallet users can now access this card when requested for evidence of vaccination.

How to Add a COVID Vaccine Card to an Apple Wallet from a Health App?

It’s very simple to do the same if you have already linked your health app vaccination record to Apple Wallet. Select “Add to Wallet” from your phone’s health app by tapping the “Summary” option.

How to Add a Physical COVID Vaccination Card to My Apple Wallet?

Apple now states that it enables the storing of a “verifiable version” of vaccine and test result data, which means that the information must be in a format that includes a digital signature recognized by Apple.

It is thus not possible to add an actual physical vaccine card to an iPhone using simply an image of it and no associated QR code. It’s possible to get one of the two verification methods if you don’t already have it from numerous service providers.

Is a COVID Vaccination Card in an Apple Wallet Secure?

According to Apple, all health data will be treated with the strictest of privacy safeguards. Because the corporation cannot see the immunization card or its usage, it claims it only saves the card on the device itself and not in a cloud storage system. Additionally, Apple states that immunization cards cannot be transferred between users on different devices.

Once the pass has been added, users must authenticate their identity by using either Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode in order to access it on their device.

What Else Can You Add to Your Apple Wallet?

At the beginning of September, Apple stated that it would be allowing users in some regions to link their drivers’ licenses and state identification cards to their iPhone wallets in the coming months.

In its introduction, Apple said that the digital ID cards would be used on the iPhone and Apple Watch at participating airports for security purposes.

Can I Add a Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Card to My Android?

Google has also said that vaccine cards may be stored digitally in Chrome or Google Pay. As with iPhones, users may press “Save to Phone” to save a digital copy of their vaccination certificate.

A Chrome or Google Pay option will show if the healthcare provider’s record is approved for saving to an Android phone.

Something to Think About

In certain cases, people may not get a paper card to replace one misplaced or destroyed, officials have warned. COVID immunization certificates are available in digital form in some countries. However, these policies vary from country to country, and people should contact local health authorities for further information.

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