What Causes iPhone Motherboard Damage?

The iPhone is a delicate electronic device that requires careful handling. If you drop your iPhone, or it gets wet, there is a chance that the motherboard could be damaged. With the right tools and knowledge, though, you can determine whether your iPhone motherboard is damaged. This post will give some methods to check for physical damage on your iPhone motherboard.

The iPhone motherboard has caused a lot of Apple iPhone customers to be troubled and disappointed because the motherboard causes many other problems. Many people understand little about this iPhone motherboard’s technical details. This article will help you to learn the iPhone motherboard and maintenance knowledge.

Similarly, if we talk about Ryzen 7 compatible motherboards used in gaming systems, they are non-repairable. Even if they are repairable, you should never get them repaired. The reason is that a small defect in the current-carrying capacity of solder joints can drastically affect the next component in your system, especially if it is an expensive GPU.

What Causes A Failure In The Motherboard?

The following are some common problems with iPhone motherboards:

Dropping Your Phone:

As mentioned above, one of the most common reasons for damage to your iPhone motherboard is dropping it. It can cause a chip or crack on the motherboard to break and begin to short out, which will cause malfunctions in your phone. If you drop your phone and it breaks, take it to a professional right away so they can replace the motherboard immediately.

Water Damage:

Water damage is another common reason for an iPhone motherboard to fail. Even if you think that you have gotten rid of all water from a leak or spill, there could still be an invisible amount inside of your phone that causes issues with the motherboard. To avoid this situation, make sure you completely dry out any moisture from your phone after water damage before using it again.

Dirty Ports:

If the ports on your phone get dirty, you risk damaging them and damaging the motherboard as well. The best way to prevent this is by regularly cleaning out any dirt or dust from around these ports with an air gun. You can buy an air gun to clean the dirt inside your motherboard frequently. If you cannot afford it, it would be better to take it to the mechanic for cleansing.

Lightning Damage:

Lightning damage is among the most common phone issues because Apple uses a metal layer in its motherboard, allowing shorter manufacturing times and, therefore, lower costs. Many things can cause problems with that metal layer, especially if you are not treating your phone correctly.

Note: iPhone motherboard repair is usually pretty affordable, but if you are having issues with your device, you might want to bring it in as soon as possible so that you don’t do any further damage to the phone. Also, repairs done early on in the life of your device will likely save you money compared to what you would pay when it is too late for repairs.

How To Prevent The iPhone Motherboard From Being Damaged?

Being waterproof and dustproof, not only do they protect your iPhone well, but they can also prevent water from the inside of the phone from flowing out, along with preventing unnecessary dust from getting in. No matter what you do to your phone, it seems the motherboard is always the one to take the heat.

If your cellphone has a cracked screen or case, you might think that is the culprit for your slowed-down phone and erratic touchscreen performance. Or, if your battery would not hold its charge like it used to, it could be time for a replacement. However, the odds are it is actually the motherboard that needs replacing.

How To Repair An iPhone Motherboard?

It is effortless to repair the motherboard of your iPhone:

  1. Be sure that your phone is turned off
  2. Get a thin and soft toothpick
  3. Unscrew all of the iPhone screws
  4. Open your phone (with the help of a screen protector)
  5. The motherboard is located right in front of you
  6. Now identify the problem and fix it simple


While an iPhone is a reliable device for your everyday needs, accidents can happen. A faulty motherboard is the most common reason an iPhone loses all its data. Many people are not aware of the existence of the iPhone motherboard, so in this article, I have explained what it is and how to prevent it from damage or at least limit the damage done by it.

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